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Club Photos

50th Anniversary Visit (2017)

50 Anniversary Visit

Photo taken during the Grandmaster and Master Lin's visit to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Club in 2017.

Trimpley Club Photo (2016)

Trimpley Club Photo (2016)

Rear: Towel Toi Richard, Dan, Bilal, Matt, Ross, Parwez.
Middle: Tom, Morgan, Halimah, Michael, David, Luke, Mariam.
Front: Master Lin, Sifu Melvin, Towel Toi Ian.
Centre: Grandmaster Fletcher.

Trimpley CLub Photo (2014)

Rear: Towel Toi Richard, Dan, Luke, Matt, Ross, Sifu Melvin, Towel Toi Ian
Middle: Bial, David, Alison, Claire, Michael, Parwez, Marc.
Front: Tom, Tom, Morgan, Kia, Mariam, Halimah.
Centre: Grandmaster and Master Lin.

Franche Club (2000)

Rear: Student, Warren, Student, Towel Toi Melvin, student, Djung Geedo Lin,student, Grandmaster Fletcher, Andy, Towel Toi Richard, Andrew, Vincent, Lee, Student, Richard

Centre: Student, Student, Student, Student, Student, Student, Student, Richard, Jed, Luke.

Front: Daniel, Student, Student, Student, Student, Student, Emily?

Worcester Club (1980's)

student, Parwez, student, Towel Toi Julian, Andrew, Grandmaster Fletcher, Towel Toi Melvin, Blue sash, Student, Orange Sash, Student, Orange Sash

Adult Class at Spennells Club (1980's)

Adult Class, with Grandmaster Fletcher and Sifu Melvin behind Grandmaster's left shoulder.

First Kung fu Club in Midlands

Grandmasters first club established in Kidderminister 1967.

Hok Koon Logo

Hok Koon Kung Fu
Trimpley Village Hall
School Lane
DY12 1NZ

Every Sunday
10am-11am Children
11am-1pm Adults

(Adults can train full three hours at no extra cost)

Phone Instructors
07834 326 978
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