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Respect and Behaviour in the Club

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Always uphold the true spirit of Kung-Fu. Always respect your seniors and yourself.

(Grand Master) J.V.Fletcher
1. At all times, refer to your instructors by their respective rank.

2. After instruction, always say thank you and give the correct bow.

3. Never fold your arms or put your hand on your hips, this is a sign of arrogance and a personal insult to the master.

4. Always pay full attention to any instructions or advice given.

5. Never cause any undue noise by laughing, joking or shouting in the club.

6. Never instruct other students in their techniques, as you may also be wrong.

7. If you wish to leave the Training hall for any reason, you must ask the Master or teacher for permission.

8. Always wear the correct sash for which you are graded.

9. Before entering or leaving the training hall, always bow to the centre of the hall.

10. Be patient, all techniques that you attempt will become perfected in time. Remember that techniques performed correctly can easily overcome a forceful attack. Lose patience and the techniques become many times harder.

11. Never become over confident in your techniques, as a singular attack can be performed in many different ways. As the Grandmaster says, "all techniques can be improved".

12. When free fighting never use kicks to the knees, or fight in anger, as these things are forbidden because of the injures that may result from these irresponsible actions.

13. Always be eager to help in any way that you can to improve either your self, your fellow students or even your club. As this will help to increase your interest in your art and the involvement with the club.

14. Give full respect to the Master and instructors at all times.

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