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Grandmaster Yahon Falan

Grandmaster John Fletcher
(Grand Master)
The present Grandmaster of Hok Koon Kung Fu, Yahon Falan (John Fletcher) started training in Chinatown, London, under Grandmaster Kwong Bong Fu. After many years of training in London, he gained his masters degree in Pak Hok (White Crane). 

Grandmaster Kwong Bong Fu, adopted John Fletcher into his chinese family giving him the name of Yahon Falan, before teaching Yahon Falan the family style of Hok Koon (Crane Fist). This was unheard of in the Chinese community where only Chinese students were accepted into the traditional schools.

Sifu Falan, was during his early years of training the only non-Chinese to be allowed to train in this style; this was due to his enthusiasm and dedication to the precision and perfection of his art.

After 20 years of training Sifu Yahon Falan obtained permission from Kwong Bong Fu to teach non-Chinese students, before returning to the Midlands to open his school in 1967.

Kwong Bong Fu
(Former Grand Master)
Kwong Bong Fu

Grandmaster Falan still continues to develop the Style in this ever changing world.

Unless under the full guidance of the Grandmaster, no top student (i.e. instructor) is allowed to open his own school; no student can enter competitive tournaments; no student is allowed to demonstrate the art to boost his own self-importance.

These restrictions are placed onto students because of the deadly nature of the style. Teaching restrictions are in place to maintain the purity of the system.

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