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Interpretation of Commands

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All three commands differ in its execution.

The perfection of the execution of these commands is a full discipline of the club.

These disciplines must be maintained at all times within the Ling Mo Chuang.

New students must achieve these disciplines within three months of arrival.

Feet Together

In this position, the student is in a fighting mode and thus should cultivate an appropriate mental state. the only time this position is used is in a non fighting mental mode is, the start position for the salute (Ching).

A command of feet together is used when it is necessary to maintain the mental mode of the student mind in the technique that they are in ; this maintaining of the mental mode is the most important part of this procedure. For example, if an instructor is teaching kicking techniques but believes that an exercise would be useful (or the instructor is forced to stop for some reason), then the instructor would call "feet together". Then call for the exercise and once completed would resume kicking techniques etc. Thus when feet together is called the student quickly achieves the stance and is aware that similar techniques are to follow.


The command "Tane" differs from "Feet Together" in as much as that instead of returning to the mode taught previous the student prepares themselves to go into a different mode. for example, kicking to punching or sixteen basics to fighting techniques etc.
The student is still in a fighting mode throughout.

Sau Ma

"Sau Ma" means "relax" and as such is intermediate between the "Tane" and the "Feet Together" commands. For example, on completion of tuition of punches, a Sau Ma is called. This instructs the student body that they can break from the lines to:-

(i) Practice the techniques which were being taught
with another student or on their own.
(ii) Meditate or exercise.
(iii) Use the time as a toilet stop or to towel off.

At the completion of the Sau Ma period, instruction can change to different techniques or to return to the techniques preceding the Sau Ma.

Ching/ Show Your Respect

Command means to form the salute and then bow.

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